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Memories of a Guerrilla Fighter

Descrição: Born in 1935 in the land of Languene, Lower XaiXai District in Gaza following and following the local traditions, José Moyane spent his childhood herding livestock. Still on the Shangana traditions, the activity of herding cattle, goats ans sheep is associated with hunting for rats, setting traps to capture birds, fishing using artesanal instruments and catching grass hopperamong other adventures.

Among the herders from different zones, various boxing games would be held to determine hierarchical positions, that is, to define who was the strongest so as to be considered as the General Commander (Mukhuhluwana), his deputy and successively until the lowest in the scale.

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ISBN: 121355

AUTOR: José Phalhane Moyane

EDITORA: King Ngungunhane institute

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ISBN: 121355
Autor: José Phalhane Moyane
Editora: King Ngungunhane institute